The Berlin pedagogue and meteorologist Wilhelm Mahlmann (1812-1848) to Paul Edmund Count von Strzelecki: Thanks for sending in his work (Physical description of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, London 1845) and asking for data from Australia and New Zealand.

Berlin, July 10, 45
Dear Sir Count!
By this I hereby thank you for the unexpected gift of your rich work and at the same time I dare to make a request in the interest of science. I am convinced that you won’t reject to grant it as far as it is in your power.
Some time ago, I have been concerned with climatological investigations
about Australia on the basis of some older material (Poggendorff’s Annals
of Physics, vol. 51) and I have failed in getting some better.
It is therefore highly desirable to me to get to know in more detail the registers you have used (compare p.160 of your work), especially the monthly mean values of each individual hour and for every year individually. I would be satisfied already, if you could lend them to me for some time,
to test my older results. Information about the hours of observation, about the (?) of the baromer etc. would be essential. Likewise, you might be able to tell me the hours, when Milligan has done his observations in the Hampshire Hills, V.D.Ld. [Van Diemen’s Land] (Tasmanian Journal, vol. I), whether his barometer has been reliable and if the results have been corrected because of the temperature of the mercury. The same uncertainty prevails
Kerr’s communications about Port Philip (Melbourne Almanac
Journal 1842 p. XII.). – I would additionally very much appreciate information about Otakiti [he mixes the town of Otaki with the district of Kapiti Coast], New Zealand, etc., which would contribute to the climatic knowledge of the Pacific. Some of this might be published by the local geographic society here, as the necessary space is rarely provided in geographical works.
Mr Schayer would forward any information from you to me, unless you prefer to

contact me directly under this address:

Dr. Wilhelm Mahlmann
22, Alte Leipziger Straße

By requesting leniency for this concern in the interest of Australian climatology, I am most respectful,
your very devoted
Dr. W. Mahlmann